What is Jamberry?

Jamberry is freedom!
The freedom to show your own style and personality through beautiful nail art.

Jamberry is economical!
A way to make your nails look salon quality at the fraction of the price.

Jamberry is safe!
Free from the top eight toxins commonly found in most nail products (including the stuff at the salon!), Jamberry products are safe for children and pregnant women.

Jamberry is opportunity!
More than just a party!  Jamberry allows you to make connections and long lasting friendships in an exciting setting!

Jamberry is for you!
From seasonal styles to classy business looks, Jamberry has a wrap for you.  Into gels?  There’s a Jamberry for that!  What about lacquers?  There’s a Jamberry for that!  What about the best of both?  Oh yeah!  It’s called ColorCure!  Need skin care?  There are lotions, scrubs, and manicure sets to make your skin and nails look fabulous!

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